sábado, 19 de septiembre de 2009

This is my cake I made for the Scandinavian cake show in Sweden. I got "commended "from the jury. I am very happy for that. We had to make a cake for a princesse. Because the princesse Viktoria of Sweden will marry next year.
The crown it is a replic from one of the old queens of Sweden. And I made the monogram from Viktorias own monogram.

My new blog.

Hello, my name is Carmen and I live in Denmark.
For about 6 years I started to make cakes. Because my best friend Connie and I, we always loved cake decorations.
We started to go to some coursus and today we got some experience and more and more everyday.
When I make a cake, it is the way to relax my self.
I hope to get many friends from others blogs, because I love to have new friends and learn from them and them from me.
Sincerely Carmen